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Ceramic anilox roller
Ceramic anilox roller Ceramic anilox roller Ceramic anilox roller

Ceramic anilox roller

Product ID : JCTPRINT-AR-P002
Product Tags : Anilox Roller
Product Description

Ceramic Anilox Roller


· Sleeve Type Ceramic Anilox Roller

· Belt Shaft Ceramic Anilox Roller


JCTPRINT Ceramic Anilox

Small Anilox 3 LPI Anilox
Finished Anilox Finished Anilox


JCTPRINT Ceramic Anilox Sleeve

4 LPI Anilox Sleeve For Heidelberg
For Adhesive Lamination Copper Core Anilox Sleeve 


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    Ink transfer efficiency, printing accuracy and service life are much higher than traditional metal anilox rollers.


Cell shape

JCTPRINT worry-free service

  Fast delivery: two large factories

  High-quality supply: complete anilox roll production line

  Customized design: more than 300 partners around the world


    JCTPRINT has more than 20 years of experience in anilox roll production,It has a series of high-end processing equipment from Germany, Japan and Switzerland. Form a business system integrating R&D, production, sales and service.

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