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corrugating roller
corrugating roller corrugating roller corrugating roller corrugating roller corrugating roller

corrugating roller

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Different bandwidth sizes available upon request.

Product Description

Corrugating roller

Corrugating roller is the most important part of corrugated cardboard production equipment, it is called the heart of high-speed corrugated cardboard production line.

JCTPRINT firmly believes that strictly controlling each production process can bring customers the best quality corrugated rollers.


Custom parameters

Various materials are available

    Chrome plating, tungsten carbide, alloy steel




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Selection of raw materials

    Dedicated special 50CrMo alloy steel forgings, high-quality tungsten carbide and chromium coating are selected to make the surface hardness of corrugated rolls > hv1250-1400.

Tight precision grinding

    Each set of corrugating rollers needs to be individually designed according to parameters such as width, diameter, flute height, corrugated paper GSM, speed, etc., and it is finely ground with a high-precision automatic CNC grinder to ensure that the runout accuracy of the tooth tip circle is ≤0.02mm to achieve the best production performance.

Super long service life

    Quality control, and strict requirements for each process make JCTPRINT's corrugating rolls have a longer service life. The service life of chrome-plated corrugated rollers is 6-8 million meters, and the service life of tungsten carbide corrugated rollers can reach 35 million meters.

JCTPRINT corrugated roller will get you better profit
    If we choose the JCTPRINT corrugating roller with a paper consumption rate that is 3% lower than now, assuming that the corrugating roller runs 120,000 meters per day, 3,600 meters of raw paper can be saved every day and 108,000 meters of raw paper can be saved every month.
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