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punching mould
punching mould punching mould punching mould punching mould punching mould

punching mould

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Most of the famous beer brands are our final customers, like Qingdao beer, Budweiser, snow beer and so on.

Besides, we have long term connections with the card, note books, sticker and other relative customers at home and abroad.

Product Description


Good material punching mould

Specification of punch mold die :


· Dimension

· Material

· According to your product samples or drawings


Application of punch mold die

  Suitable machine: All kinds of punching machine and Die-cutting Machine.

  Bottle labels, playing cards, coasters, ice cream sticks, notepads, account books, ect.



Advantage of punch mold die suppliers

    Has more than 20 years of experience in mold production.

    Provide self-adhesive, label, bottle label molds for customers in many countries for a long time

    A dedicated design and drawing team serves customers

    Short delivery time: After the drawing is confirmed, the delivery will be made within 10 days

    After-sales: provide mold grinding service


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