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Light model ceramic coated anilox sleeve
Light model ceramic coated anilox sleeve Light model ceramic coated anilox sleeve Light model ceramic coated anilox sleeve Light model ceramic coated anilox sleeve Light model ceramic coated anilox sleeve

Light model ceramic coated anilox sleeve

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In addition to the outstanding advantages of quick replacement and high efficiency, the sleeve type laser engraved ceramic anilox roller has the advantages of simple operation, light weight and low transportation cost.

Product Description


Light model ceramic coated anilox sleeve


Product description



1).Flexo printing machine(unit type ,central cylinder type,cascade type for Label , Envelope , Paper Forms , Handbag, Corrugated Box, Plastic Film printing)

2).Corrugated water-based ink printing slotting machine

3).Coating and lamination machine

4).Glazing machine ect.



The sleeve type anilox roll is made of a special composite material, and the inner layer is made of a compressible material, and the anilox roll sleeve is mounted and fixed on the inflation roll by the compressibility of the inner layer. The compressibility of the sleeve and the protection of the ceramic layer are very important. When the surface of the sleeve is expanded to a certain extent, cracks are easily generated, so it is necessary to protect the surface with a sheath of metal aluminum or nickel metal. The inner wall of the sleeve is highly smooth, and the processing precision and ink transmission performance of the cavity can meet the good printing requirements, and the weight is light and durable, and is not easily damaged.


3. Specifications 

Screen count range(LPI): 80-2000 LPI

Surface hardness: 1250HV-1350HV

Engraving angle( Screen angle): 1-89 degree

Cell shape : 30°honeycomb, 60°honeycomb(hexagon), 45°diamond(quadrangle,ART pattern ),curved flow, slanted(line pattern)or according to your actual requirement.


4. Processing Flow 


Step1:Based roller Processing


Step2:Sandblasting Treatment


Step3:Nickel-Chromium Alloy Coating


Step4:Chromium Oxide Ceramic Layer


Step5:Carborundum Grinding


Step6:Carborundum Polishing


Step7:Laser Engraving


Step8:Polishing and Cleaning

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1).Uniform cell shape,fast and even ink release;

We have the quality control system during the whole production from the very beginning to the end  to make sure each roller is qualified. And we will issue the certification for our customers after the products finished .

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2).Easy cleaning,ideal cell shape with smooth,steep walls and flat bottom;

We use the famous plasma spraying machine from Switzerland supplier to do the coating spray. The evenness of 80% ceramic powder can be controlled between 15u-35u and the hardness of  chrome oxide ceramics can reach 1200HV.

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3).Precise cell volume;

We make  trial engraving before the real engraving.We use the scanner to scan each each layer to test the volume of cell then according to the relationship between the LPI and BCM to make sure the LPI we would like to reach.

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4).Good corrosion resistance;

we use the nanoscopic sealant  to coat on the surface of the ceramic which can reach the tiny cell to protect the base roller from solvent corrosion.



5).High bond strength with base metal.


6).Longer life expectancy;

Under  nomal operation and maintenance,our ceramic anilox rollers can work  8-10years or even longer.


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1.How can I get a quotation?

Please advise the following information to our email address or add me on whatsapp,wechat and so on.

A.The drawing of the ceramic anilox roller if possible(or you can get a estimate price by telling us the total length,effective face length,diameter as the following picture.


C.Where do you use the ceramic anilox roller?flexo printing machine,coating machine or offset UV unit?

Helen Shen






2.What’s the difference between metal aniloxroller and ceramic anilox roller?


Metal anilox rolls are made by mechanical extrusion or chemical etching.

The highest LPI it can be made  is 300LPI.

Advantages: low cost

Disadvantages: unable to transfer ink to high-line printing plates, easy to wear.

Ceramic anilox roller uses laser engraving to make cell, the highest LPI can reach


Advantages: It can be suitable for high screen printing, uniform ink transfer and good wear resistance.

Disadvantages: need to be cleaned frequently


3. I don’t know the BCM of the anilox roller,what should I do?

If you don’t have special request on BCM ,we will recommend you the standard type.


4.What's the delivery time?

Around35days after pre payment received,and it also depends on the quantity you want


5.What’ s the terms of payment?

Usually T/T 100% in advance payment.We can also accept Western Union,paypal and credit card.



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