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Anilox Sleeve JCTPRINT
Anilox Sleeve JCTPRINT Anilox Sleeve JCTPRINT Anilox Sleeve JCTPRINT

Anilox Sleeve JCTPRINT

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Product Description

Anilox Sleeve 


· Chrome plated  Anilox Sleeve

· Ceramic Anilox Sleeve

JCTPRINT Anilox Sleeve

4 LPI Anilox Sleeve For Heidelberg
For Adhesive Lamination Copper Core Anilox Sleeve 



    The ink transfer efficiency, printing accuracy and service life of ceramic anilox rollers are much higher than those of traditional metal anilox rollers.


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  Fast delivery: two large factories

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    JCTPRINT has more than 20 years of experience in anilox roll production,It has a series of high-end processing equipment from Germany, Japan and Switzerland. Form a business system integrating R&D, production, sales and service.

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