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Flexo printing cylinder
Flexo printing cylinder Flexo printing cylinder Flexo printing cylinder

Flexo printing cylinder

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flexo printing cylinder

Product Description

Flexo printing cylinder


Product Description


Application of photopolymer flexo printing plate


Printing Cylinders can be made to suit most of letterpress, flexo and combination presses. There are several ranges of print cylinders available: standard aluminum style, hard surface style, integrated style. Depends on different OEM design, rotary technology’s print cylinders can meet various requirements and expectations.



Technical Specification of photopolymer flexo printing plate


1)   Printing cylinders are finished within+/-0.01mm tolerance range for run-out testing. Higher tolerance can also be achieved upon OEM requirements.


2)   Standard aluminum style printing cylinders are made of high quality aluminum alloy, either fitted with imported bearings or bronze bushings.


3)   Hard surface style printing cylinders use high quality alloy, surface treated for extreme wear resistance. The durable hard surface style printing cylinder is an ideal choice to ensure long term printing quality.


4)   Integrated style printing cylinders can be made either by alloy or steel, after precision grinding, external diameter and concentricity and be controlled within a few micron tolerances. Then finally surface plated by chrome or nickel to ensure anti-rust and wear resistance.


5)   Gears can be made either as standard or hardened, machine finished or precision grounded. All gears are treated with anti-rust blackening process, especially suitable for hot and humid environment.



Blanket + wooden box

Detail:according to customer’s requirement.




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