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Air shafts used Magnetic Powder Brake for printing machine
Air shafts used Magnetic Powder Brake for printing machine Air shafts used Magnetic Powder Brake for printing machine Air shafts used Magnetic Powder Brake for printing machine Air shafts used Magnetic Powder Brake for printing machine

Air shafts used Magnetic Powder Brake for printing machine

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Air shafts used Magnetic Powder Brake for printing machine

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Air shafts used Magnetic Powder Brake for printing machine 


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Attention for Using Magnetic Powder Brake :


1, Install it with correct mounting method (make high-speed rotation side as the input side) to use the magnetic powder clutch. If the mechanical structure of output and input shafts have to be installation reversely, make sure to use the under 1000R/MIN. If the output shaft and input shaft be installed reversely, which will make the machine idle for a long time,  the magnetic powder clutch will greatly shorten the life by mixing magnetic powder. 


2, Note the moisture. If the magnetic is damp, then performance will become unstable, so be careful do not to let the oil or water get into the housing. Especially when installed in the gear box, oil penetrated the internal branch of the housing through the shaft, so please seal it with film completely.

3, Note the surface temperature. Caused by continuous operation, the maximum temperature of the surface is below 90 degree when running more, than the value and durability will be greatly reduced. Make sure to limit the temperature will not above 90 degree, make sure to keep the use of sliding within allowed work range.


DATA of Single shaft magnetic powder brake:


ModelMain technical dataOutside dimensionAxlesectionMagnetic Powder weight(g)Net weight(kg)
TorqueVoltageRevolving   speedMax current (A)D1D2D3L1L2L3L46-Sdt



Introduction of magnetic powder brake:


The magnetic powder brake/clutch is composed of active rotor(input shaft), driven rotor(output shaft) and Yoke with excitation coil. The three parts are assembled relative concentric and form a system which can rotate relatively. The annular gap between active rotor and driven rotor is full of alloy powder which has high magnetic conductivity.



Application of magnetic powder brake:


Due to the features of the magnetic powder clutch and brake, they have been widely used in paper making, printing, plastic items, rubber industry, textile industry, printing and dyeing,wire and cable, metallurgy industry and tension control of winding and winding in roll material processing industry.


Features of magnetic powder brake:


1.The transmission torque has a linear relationship with the magnetizing current. The size of the torque can get controlled within large range. Under normal circumstance, the magnetizing current has a linear relationship with transitive torque within range of 5%-100% rated torque.

2.The friction part will generate heat inevitably or even destroyed when it keep continuous sliding. But this device has a complete cooling set, it will not generate a lot of heat after long time running and it has a long service life.


About life of magnetic powder brake:


The use of magnetic powder clutch/brake life lies in the life of the magnetic powder.In general, magnetic powder in the condition of not overloaded, its service life is 4500~7500 hours;But in some condition it can prolong service life many times, such as: reduce the magnetic powder clutch/brake torque, relative sliding speed and slip power to the rating of 50% 70%.That is to say, when the design, allowance enlarge some as much as possible.


About the torque of magnetic powder brake:


Magnetic powder clutch/brake factory after use, the magnetic powder in the early stages of using break-in happens, torque will be slightly down, can be adjusted by electric current to compensate. 


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