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Gravure printing cylinder
Gravure printing cylinder Gravure printing cylinder Gravure printing cylinder Gravure printing cylinder

Gravure printing cylinder

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Gravure printing cylinder

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 Gravure printing cylinder


Plastic packaging printing

Plastic material like PE,PET,BOPP, OPP and so on.

bottle label or all kinds of bags


Aluminum foil printing

Medicine packaging ,beer labels(on the neck and the seal label)


Metalized paper printing

Wet strength paper,beer label(on the body and back),Cigarette packaging

(coated paper, cardboard, Laser paper to make cigarette package)


Special material printing

Laser Anti-counterfeit,,wood grain and so on.



2.Specifications of gravure cylinder


A.Circumference of the cylinder: 100-1500mm

 Width of the cylinder: 50-8200mm,normally 50mm longer than the rubber roller on the machine


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B.Precision on the cylinder production

Surface Hardness:       HRC50,with strong corrosion resistance

Roughness:      Ra0.16

Temperature difference:       ≤±1°C

Thermal deformation:    0.01mm

Concentricity:   0-15microns

Straightness:   0.2mm

Cylindricity:       0.2mm




3.Advantages of our cylinders

A. High-quality materials for base roller:

We adopt 45# seamless steel tube as the base roller,which have enough stiffness to make sure the bending deflection is not over the allowable value under heavy pressure.

B. Dynamic balance test twice

We will do dynamic balance test twice on each cylinders,the radial jumped error will be less than±0.005,which will help do evenly distribution of the inks on the printing material.

C. Heating treatment process

This process will increased hardness and to prevent the cylinder from deformation and will assure the geometric accuracy and long service life.

D. Packaging

We use plywood cases and wollen blanket to protect the cylinders.And we will also smear anti-rust oil on the cylinder surface which will help prevent surface oxidizing and rusting under moisture.







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