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Packaging industry custom rubber rollers for machine
Packaging industry custom rubber rollers for machine  Packaging industry custom rubber rollers for machine  Packaging industry custom rubber rollers for machine  Packaging industry custom rubber rollers for machine  Packaging industry custom rubber rollers for machine

Packaging industry custom rubber rollers for machine

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We have these types of rubber rollers  Printing roller:Stretch roller,Back-up roller,Hot stamping pressure roller,Water roller,Traction roller,Ink roller,Gravure pressure roller,Alcohol water roller.

Product Description

Packaging industry custom rubber rollers for machine  

1. Specification of rubber roller



According To Customer's Drawing




NBR,Silicone,Rubber,Polyurethane,NR,PU FFPM,ETC,EPDM






According customers's requirements


Red, Black, White, Clear, etc can do the color base on your pantone NO.

Roll core

304 or 201stainless steel,45#steel or 5#aluminum seamless pipe

Spindle head



industrial machine, printing machine and packaging machines and so on

2.Processing Flow of rubber roller

3. Features

Ozone and Chemical resistance   

Anti-aging, good flexibility, good elasticity

Excellent oil resistance  

Clean and healthful for many food and medical applications

4. Advantages of our rubber roller

A.Raw materials

1) Base roller:

We are adopting 304 or 201stainless steel, #45steel or #5 aluminum seamless pipe as the base roller.And we are adopting a reasonable thickness base roller according to customer’s drawing. The base roller is produced by ourself , we will carry out strict dynamic balancing test and size inspection before the base roller is put into the next process. Some manufacturers will reduce the thickness of the steel pipe in order to get the price advantage.Such roller can’t meet the standards.But we won’t do that.

2) . Rubber:

Our rubber are all imported from Germany or the US and then we mix them in our factory.And we only use 100% new material,not use recycled material.The main rubber coating technical we are using is winding technical. you can find the following production pictures.

While other manufacturers are using sheet coating technical,and the rubber is cold in processing and will cause adhesion problems easily.

B. Production process

1Dynamic balancing:

We will do 3 times of dynamic balancing test in the process of production of each rubber roller.which will ensure the using effect. In general,If it can displayed within 10g on the dynamic balancing device, it is called dynamic balancing. But we can do less than 2g.

To make it on the base roller,2 After thermal suit,3 After vulcanization and grinding on the rubber roller .

In fact,the number of dynamic balancing is related to the using effect. For example in the printing industry,the rubber roller will have the accuracy requirements.

Its main purpose: to make the rubber roller can guarantee the balance in the work process.

2) Hot charging technicals:

Adopt hot charging technicals to install the shaft head, and then weld after contraction to ensure the quality of shaft installation.While other supplier are welding the shaft head directly.

3)Testing by making small sample before mass production:

We will make a small sample before the official production, after vulcanization, 24 hours later we will check the hardness, color, and Impurity situation. We will control the hardness tolerance within 3 degree. If it is not qualified we will change the formulated immediately and to make the sample again till all the data reach the customer’s request.

4) Quality control Department:

Using all-imported laser tester to ensure that the geometric size and the accuracy of the roller can reach 0.01 mm; 

5) Packaging:

According to the characteristics of the product for different packaging, such as paper tube, wooden box, iron frame and so on.


5. Company information



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