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Ceramic anilox roller for lamination machine
Ceramic anilox roller for lamination machine Ceramic anilox roller for lamination machine Ceramic anilox roller for lamination machine Ceramic anilox roller for lamination machine Ceramic anilox roller for lamination machine

Ceramic anilox roller for lamination machine

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The anilox roller is very important and it is the "heart" of the flexo press.

Product Description

Ceramic anilox roller for lamination machine


Anilox rolls are widely used in PVC, PE, PP, PS, ABS materials, plastic sheets, sheet surface embossing, leather, artificial leather, decorative materials, waterproof coiled surface embossing, paper, printing, flexible packaging, medical printing, decorative layers Platen printing, etc.

2.Product description:

Screen count range


80-2000 LPI


surface material

 chrome oxide ceramic

Maximum width

5500mm ( with axis) 

surface hardness


Diameter range

25-600 mm

Maximum effective length


 Screen angle

1-89 degree

Material of base roller


Cell shape : hexagon , quadrangle and line , etc or according to your actual requirement


A.Base roller process

  • Adopt the #45 seamless steel tube and No5 series aluminum as the base roller
  • The thickness is from 15mm-25mm based on the dimension of the roller
  • Make the special thickness according to customers requirement.

B.Ceramic spraying

  • Using the famous plasma spraying machine and it is from Switzerland Oerlikon.
  • The chrome oxide ceramics we are using are also from this supplier and it can reach a hardness 1200HV.
  • The advantage of this supplier’s ceramic powder is the evenness degree can be controlled well, 80% can be between 15u-35u.

C.Antiseptic treatment

  • It is easily for the ceramic anilox rollers to reach the solvent with corrosion. Once the solvent reached the base roller, it will be corroded bubble then we can not use it any more. 
  • We use the nanoscopic sealant to coat on the surface of the ceramic. And this kind of sealant can reach the tiny cell so it can realize a good production against the corrosion.

4.Precise delivery on the inks

   For each roller, we will make the trial engraving before the real engraving. And after that we will use the scanner to scan each layer to         test the volume of the cell then according to the realationship between the LPI and BCM to make sure the LPI we would like to reach.

5.Quality control

  Our quality control system runs through the entire production process and our principle is to ensure that each roller is qualified.


7.Company information:


1. How many years have you been producing ceramic anilox rollers?

As the leading manufacturer of ceramic anilox roller,we have been in this field for more than 25 years,and we have plenty experience in making rollers such as ceramic anilox rollers,rubber rollers and so on.


2. Why should we choose you?

We can provide you not only the competitive price product but also most satisfactory supporting service.


3. How can we get the price?

A.The drawing of the ceramic anilox roller if possible(or you can get a estimate price by telling us the total length,effective face length,diameter as the following picture).


C.Where do you use the ceramic anilox roller?flexo printing machine,coating machine or offset UV unit?


4. How long is the lead time?

Usually it will take 30 days to produce the roller,but it also depends on the quantity and customer’s requirement.

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