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Slitting rewinding machine
Slitting rewinding machine Slitting rewinding machine Slitting rewinding machine Slitting rewinding machine

Slitting rewinding machine

Product ID : FQ1300、FQ320/450、FQ-900
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    Whether it is labels, thermal paper, bopp, tape or kraft paper, composite paper, coated paper, non-woven fabrics,ect. you can find solutions in JCTPRINT.

Product Description


JCTPRINT  Automatic Slitting Machine

Jumbo roll slitter
High-speed slitter

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FQ-330/450 slitting and rewinding machine



  Slitting paper in multi-line production

Widely used

  Tapes, thermal paper rolls, self-adhesive label, kraft Paper

Slitter Specifications

Model FQ-320/450
Max. web width 320mm/450mm
Max. rewinding diameter 500mm
Min. slitting width 16mm
Slitting accuracy ±0.15mm
Slitting speed 85m/min
Overall dimensions(LxWxH) 1500x1000x1200mm
Machine weight 430kg
Rewinding shaft diameter 3 inch/ 1.5 inch/ 1inch


Details of FQ-330/450 Automatic Slitter Rewinder

Taiwan brand Electrical eyes sensor control material Slitting device with counting rule
France brand Sick sensor for counting pcs and meter Control panel


FQ-1300 vertical slitting machine


    Cut large rolls of raw materials into small rolls of wide-width materials.

Widely used

    Paper,bopp, stretch film film, plastic roll, plastic wrap, tin foil, medical tape, bandage

Slitter Specifications

Model FQ-1300
Max. web width 1350mm
Max. rewinding diameter 400mm
Max. parent roll diameter 600mm
Slitting accuracy ±0.05mm
Max. unwinding speed 150m/min
Overall dimensions(LxWxH) 2050x1600x1500mm
Machine weight 1000kg
Rewinding shaft diameter 3inch


Details of FQ-1300 Automatic Slitter Rewinder

Round knife and Share knife together attach in the machine Unwinding with 1okg magnetic brake control, lifted by hydraulic unwinder
PLC& touch screen to remote machine running Support more rolls rewind


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JCTPRINT Sitter Advantage

  PLC control, touch screen display

  No middlemen, low prices

  Meet personalized cutting and save material costs.


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