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JCTPRINT Anilox Roller
JCTPRINT Anilox Roller JCTPRINT Anilox Roller JCTPRINT Anilox Roller JCTPRINT Anilox Roller JCTPRINT Anilox Roller

JCTPRINT Anilox Roller

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 JCTPRINT Anilox Roller Types

Ceramic Anilox Roller
Ceramic anilox sleeve Chrome plated anilox


Provided for multiple industries

Corrugated Carton Printing Anilox

Flexible Packaging, Paper, Bags Anilox

Coating, Varnished Lamination Anilox

Offset Printing: Packaging, Booklets Anilox 

Various Labels, Bottle Labels Flexografia


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JCTPRINT anilox factory


JCTPRINT anilox engraving cell shape

Special cells: 60°, GTT, Longcell, Channellox, ect.

    Have better quality and better price than Apex, Pamarco, Haper, Praxair, Zecher, etc. Welcome to compare prices and place orders for testing.



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Exquisite production technology

High-precision mesh

    Ceramic coating>0.25mm, porosity<0.016%. The British ALE engraving machine is adopted, and the engraving accuracy is 0.001mm. Engraving range: 30-2000LPI.

Ceramic spraying

    Swiss Oerlikon plasma spraying equipment, super strong stainless steel alloy bonding layer (NiCr) thickness 0.1mm, to ensure the uniformity of ceramic powder.

JCTPRINT ceramic coating

Whole process quality control

    The quality control system runs through the entire production process of anilox rollers, and each anilox roller has its own certificate of quality.

Inspection Report

JCTPRINT production case

    Markandy, KBA, Nilpeter, ManRoland, aesoma Gallus, Comexi, Bobst, Ecofa,Heidelberg,W&H, BHS, F&K, etc. JCTPRINT supplies anilox rollers for a variety of printing machines.


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Base roller quality control

    High quality 45# seamless steel pipe, thickness 15-20mm.

Fast shipping worldwide

   20-25 days for production, fast delivery 


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JCTPRINT anilox LPI and BCM parameters table

anilox LPI BCM Parameters Table

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