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Air Shaft ,Differential Slip Shaft
Air Shaft ,Differential Slip Shaft Air Shaft ,Differential Slip Shaft Air Shaft ,Differential Slip Shaft Air Shaft ,Differential Slip Shaft Air Shaft ,Differential Slip Shaft

Air Shaft ,Differential Slip Shaft

Product ID : JCT-QZZ-J001
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  JCTPRINT provides air shafts, differential Slip Shaft and accessories.air shaft bladder tubing, air shaft ada

Product Description

Product Display

1.Air Shaft

Lug type (Key strip) air shaft 

Multi bladder (Through key type) air shaft

Leaf type (Lath type) air shaft 


2.Differential Air Shaft 

 Expansion key type differential air shaft

 Ball type differential air shaft

 Ball type differential air shaft

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  · Air shaft bladder tubing

  · Air shaft adapter

  · Air shaft gun/ inflator

  · Air shaft valve

  · Air shaft chuck

  · Slip ring

The above products and accessories are produced and sold by JCTPRINT, welcome to inquire.

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JCTPRINT product details

 Customized for you

    In order to meet the special needs of customers, we can specially make air shafts for your production line according to your drawings or machines. 

Air shaft material:

  · steel

  · aluminum

  · carbon fiber

Air shaft type: 

  · air shaft with flange(cantilever air shaft)


  · supported air shaft

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Professional and technical staff create high-quality air shaft

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  · Strict control over the production process

  · Long service life

  · A variety of styles and materials are available

  · Equipped with high-quality accessorie

  · Professional technical service

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