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Ceramic anilox roller for Offset printing machine
Ceramic anilox roller for Offset printing machine

Ceramic anilox roller for Offset printing machine

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As the heart of the printing press, ceramic anilox roller has become an excellent substitute for metal chrome-plated anilox roller. 

Product Description


Ceramic anilox roller for Offset printing machine

1.Application of Ceramic anilox rollers

  • Flexo printing machine(unit type, central cylinder type, cascade type)
  • Gravure printing machine
  • Corrugated water-based ink printing slotting machine
  • Coating and lamination machine
  • Glazing machine ect.

2.Advantage of Ceramic anilox rollers


  • Uniform cell shape,fast and even ink release
  • Easy cleaning,ideal cell shape with smooth,steep walls and flat bottom
  • Precise cell volume
  • As high a theoretical volume as possible
  • Longer life expectancy
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • High bond strength with base metal

3.Processing Flow of ceramic anilox roller

1. Base roller

A. Material: 45# steel tube or No.5 series aluminum

    General performance requirement:45# steel tube

    Lighter weight requirement : No5 series aluminum

B.Thickness: 15mm-25mm

 We can also make the special thickness according to customers  requirement.

C. A strict inspection procedure of base roller:

Incoming inspection  including surface roughness,straightness, dynamic balance, cylindricity and so on. 

2. Chrome oxide ceramic layer

A. Using  the famous plasma spraying machine from Switzerland supplier.

B. The evenness of 80% ceramic powder can be controlled between 15u-35u

C. The hardness of  chrome oxide ceramics can reach 1200HV.


3. Antiseptic treatment

we use the nanoscopic sealant  to coat on the surface of the ceramic which can reach the tiny cell to protect the base roller from solvent corrosion.


4. Precise delivery on the inks

Firstly, we make trial engraving before the real engraving.

Secondly, we use  the scanner to scan each layer to test the volume of the cell


Thirdly, according to the relationship between the LPI and BCM, we can make sure whether  the LPI  is workable.

5. Quality Control

 We have the quality control system during the whole production from the very beginning to the end  to make sure each roller is qualified.

And we will issue the certification for our customers after the products are finished.


6. Service life


Under nomal operation and maintenance, our ceramic anilox rollers can work 8-10 years or even longer.

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