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Home Products Air shaft 3 inch 6 inch aluminum air shaft for slitting machine


3 inch 6 inch aluminum air shaft for slitting machine
3 inch 6 inch aluminum air shaft for slitting machine 3 inch 6 inch aluminum air shaft for slitting machine 3 inch 6 inch aluminum air shaft for slitting machine 3 inch 6 inch aluminum air shaft for slitting machine 3 inch 6 inch aluminum air shaft for slitting machine

3 inch 6 inch aluminum air shaft for slitting machine

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Advantage of our product   

1.Air shaft body Material   

We adopt hi-precision cold-drawn steel tube as the shaft body . The thickness of this kind of tube is uniform so after inflation , all key strips will stick out at the same height which will realize minimum eccentricity of the paper core. And it will greatly weaken centrifugal force of the whole air shaft when it is rotating and will keep a dynamic balance.This kind of material is 460 dollars more expensive per ton than normal materials.

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2. Key bar structure for our key type air shaft     

Our exported key type is the following structure, it used the whole long key bar forming a good protective ring around the air chamber ,and we adopt the pagoda springs. It can bear 300000 compression without broken and the quality guarantee period is one year.

The key bar is made of aluminum alloy. It is light in weight and is suitable for ordinary tubes such as paper tubes.


Our air shaft is distributed by 6 pieces key bar around the circumference, surrounding the air chamber to protect it. Based on 6pieces key bars one meter air shaft will increase the cost of 4.7dollars.

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3. From the analysis of future maintenance costs    

Those two structures of the expansion shaft, if need to repair ,you must replace all the keys, springs and air bags, but our structure is different. Even if need to repair after a few years later, because the spring can be directly take away, for dozens of springs, the cost of a few dollars. Plus a new airbag, the general maintenance and cost, one meter about at 24 dollars, plus a labor costs, even if a two-meter shaft, all the maintenance costs are around 63 dollars. 

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4. Expansion shaft airbag and shaft head connection

Our company is using special equipment, the outside directly with the iron ring buckle, good sealing, and stable. Many other factory products are iron wire tie at both ends, which will lead to easy to leak. Sealing performance is not stable.

 Below is a comparison of the structural images of our airbag seal with other supplier:

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5. Shaft head and steel pipe connection

As shown in the following figure this is a custom high-power press what can produces 80T thrust, all of our company's air shaft head and the steel pipe’s connection are both press in by this machine. Light inflatable shaft is 0.03MM with the interference fit and heavy inflatable shaft is 0.06MM.But many manufacturers use big hammer to Knocked in, not only don’t have accuracy but also quality. There are a lot of air shaft’s users reaction the air shaft can’t be used long time, the two fixed screws all off, it is caused by this reason.

But the customers who bought our products will not appear this problem.

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Air shaft is widely used in printing, packaging, plastic, paper making, spinning industries for all the machines with the winding, rewinding unit and slitting unit for the operation of material in roll.


Specifications of air shaft
Type:Key type air shaft(steel-made or aluminum made) ,Lath type air shaft,Differential air shaft
Material: No.45 steel/ Aluminum

We have the following normal type but other dimensions can be customized.




Package:paper core or customized

  • Delivery time:20days after payment received or according to the quantity of goods

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1. How should I place the order?

 For air shaft , please send us your drawing, or let us know your request.


2.What is your MOQ?

1 Piece.


3.What’s your packaging of  air shafts?

We have two types of packaging wooden box and strong carton.


4.What's the delivery time?

Around 20days after pre payment received,and it also depends on the quantity you want.


5.What’ s the terms of payment?

Usually T/T 100% in advance payment.We can also accept Western Union,paypal and credit card.



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