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Rubber roller
Rubber roller Rubber roller Rubber roller Rubber roller

Rubber roller

Product ID : JCT-RR-L019
Product Tags : Rubber Roller
Product Attributes :

Applicable to most industries

The most suitable rubber material can be selected

 Reduce your costs

Faster delivery time

Laminated   Lamination✔   Printing✔    Textile✔   Industry✔   Coating


Product Description

rubber roller

Roller Services for Multiple Industries

Printing rubber roller

printing rubber roller

Various industrial rubber rollers


Industrial rubber roller

Three reasons to choose JCTPRINT

I.Faster delivery

JCTPRINT has three automated production lines and perfect design drawings to ensure delivery within 20-30 days.

silicon rubber roller

II.20 rubber and composite materials

JCTPRINT has more than a dozen rubbers and mixtures to meet the needs of various industries.

III.Best quality

● Europe imports rubber raw materials

● Strict quality inspection before leaving the factory

● 24-hour technical consultant

jctprint rubber roller


Material selection

material selection

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Industrial rubber roller



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