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What's the ink transfer way of flexo printing?

What's the ink transfer way of flexo printing?

The ink transfer way of flexo printing

The forming ink roller (this is a rubber roller)get ink from ink fountain and then transfer the ink to the ceramic anilox roller,the doctor blade will remove the extra ink ,and the ceramic anilox roller will transfer the ink to the printing plate sleeve,and then the image-text will be printed on the paper and other substrate.

The printing plated sleeve has two parts,one is the flexo printing cylinder,one is the printing plate,we usually use the double-sided adhesive tape to stick the printing plate on the flexo printing cylinder,so they can combined into a whole to work together.


Anilox roller is the transfer roller of flexographic printing machine, which is equivalent to the transfer roller and gravure of offset printing machine.

The printing plate cylinder of the machine is used to transfer the ink to the graphic portion of the printing plate.


Anilox roller is divided into metal anilox roller and ceramic anilox roller.

Limitation, processing the highest net line 300LPI, can no longer meet the modern flexographic printing high-line

The number of metal anilox rollers is gradually being replaced by ceramic anilox rollers.


The anilox roller is a kind of quantitative ink transfer roller. The ink that the anilox roller can transfer is mainly determined by the number of mesh lines (the number of mesh arrays per inch of length) and the amount of mesh ink transfer (the mesh volume).


Prints (printing plates) with different line numbers all need anilox rollers with corresponding screen lines and ink transfer volume to transfer ink. This is the biggest difference between flexo printing and other printing methods.


Ceramic anilox roller’s processing procedure is as following:

Step1:Based roller Processing

Step2:Sandblasting Treatment

Step3:Nickel-Chromium Alloy Coating

Step4:Chromium Oxide Ceramic Layer

Step5:Carborundum Grinding

Step6:Carborundum Polishing

Step7:Laser Engraving

Step8:Polishing and Cleaning


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