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Much Cheaper Ultrasonic Anilox Roll Cleaning Machine

Much Cheaper Ultrasonic Anilox Roll Cleaning Machine

Much Cheaper Ultrasonic Anilox Roll Cleaning Machine


In response to different customers' demands for anilox roll cleaning machines, JCTPRINT has developed a cheaper Ultrasonic Anilox Roll Cleaning Machine.


The advantages of ultrasonic cleaning anilox rollers are as follows:


1. The diameter of the blisters generated by ultrasonic waves is about 2-5 microns, and 6-15 blisters can enter into a single cell at the same time to physically impact the dirt at the bottom of the cell, thus achieving the purpose of thoroughly cleaning the anilox roller.

2. Ultrasonic cleaning effect is more thorough

The principle of ultrasonic cleaning is that when the ultrasonic transducer is working, hundreds of millions of blisters that cannot be seen by the naked eye are generated, which densely and evenly surround the anilox roller. Take the dirt away.


3. Not easy to damage the anilox roller

The tiny blisters generated by ultrasonic waves enter the mesh, and the pure physical force of hitting the object to be cleaned is limited; the energy of the impact is controlled by the power and frequency of the ultrasonic generator, and the technical data selected are different for different objects to be cleaned. The damage to the anilox roll during cleaning is minimized through control.


4. The operation is more convenient and more environmentally friendly

Ultrasonic cleaning is a green and environmentally friendly method to convert electrical energy into kinetic energy, without the phenomenon of dust flying and sewage flowing. The whole cleaning method is very simple. After putting the anilox roller in the tank where the cleaning solution is injected, press the cleaning switch; choose the cleaning solution that conforms to environmental protection, and it can be directly discharged into the sewer.


Models Of Our Ultrasonic Anilox Roll Cleaning Machine


Model Cleaning tank size (L*W*D) Vibrator area
Ultrasonic frequency Number of oscillators Single oscillator power(w)  Ultrasonic power(w) Heating power(w)
800 650*300*149 550*120 40khz 16 50W 800 1200
1000 800*300*150 700*120 40khz 18 50 900 1500
1200 820*300*70 700*240 40khz 24 50 1200 3000
1400 1060*320*80 930*280 40khz 28 50 1400 3000
1500 1230*320*120 1040*200 40khz 30 50 1500 3000
1700 1500*400*160 155*200 40khz 48 50 2400 3000
2000 1800*400*160 1650*200 40khz 54 50 2700 4000
2200 2000*400*160 1850*200 40khz 58 50 2900 4000
2400 2200*400*160 2000*200 40khz 64 50 3200 4000


As long as you give the length of the roll surface of all the anilox rolls to be cleaned, we can help you choose the appropriate cleaning machine model and give a quotation!


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