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Rubber roller production process

Rubber roller production process


Step 1: We have the chemical test room of Technology R & D Center, the batch of raw materials will be carried into the plant for testing before production, to make sure all the materials are qualified.

Step 2: We have the the physical laboratory of Technology R & D Center, the rubber samples will be tested here to ensure them will meet customers needs.



 Step 3: Automatic ingredients. The computer according to recipe control the ratio of raw and auxiliary materials to improve the rubber compound ratio of stability, scientific and accuracy.



Step 4: Rolling. With the only rolling production line in domestic roller industry, we can ensure the rubber quality steady and efficient.


Step 5: Machining and handling of mandrels


Step 6: Rubber coating. With imported three roller plastic packaging equipment,we can realize the entire plastic coating and avoid winding India, will effectively improve the water effect of the water roller.


Step 7: Vulcanization. We have four large-scale curing tank, the largest one size is 2.5 meters in diameter and 8 meters in length.


Step 8: Grinding. The use of automatic CNC grinding machine, can grind the perfect parabola high.


Step 9: Polishing the printing roll. We use the automatic polishing machine to improve surface perfection of the roller.


Step 10: Test. Using all-imported laser tester to ensure that the geometric size and the accuracy of the roller can reach 0.01 mm;


Step 11: Packaging. According to the characteristics of the product for different packaging, such as paper tube, wooden box, iron frame and so on.