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How to do anilox roller cleaning to print good products?

How to do anilox roller cleaning to print good products?

How to do anilox roller cleaning to print good products?

The anilox roller relies on mesh cavities to transfer ink, and the mesh cavities are very small, and are easily blocked by the cured ink during use, which affects the ink transfer effect. Therefore, the anilox roller with the best processing quality cannot print good prints without paying attention to cleaning. At present, the anilox roller cleaning methods mainly include manual cleaning, water cleaning, and ultrasonic cleaning.

1.Manual cleaning method

The cleaning agent is coated on the surface of the anilox roller, and the chrome-plated metal anilox roller should be cleaned with a copper wire brush; the ceramic anilox roller must be cleaned with a wire brush.

This type of cleaning method is more convenient and will not cause pollution, but if it is not cleaned thoroughly, it will affect the ink transfer effect. It is generally suitable for anilox rolls with low anilox lines or anilox rolls that are not very dirty.

2.Water cleaning method

Soften the roller with a mildly alkaline solution, then rinse with a high-pressure water gun. If the rollers are dirty, repeat the operation 1-2 times. After using it, you will have experience. How long do you need to wash the rollers, and several times. The anilox roller cleaning machine we make is cleaned with water. This method is clean and does not damage the anilox roller.This cleaning method has good cleaning effect, and has promotion and use value.

3.Ultrasonic cleaning method

The anilox roller is immersed in an ultrasonic cleaning tank filled with a chemical cleaning solution. During the cleaning, the anilox roller rotates slowly, and the frequency conversion device in the liquid tank that can send high-frequency sound waves starts to work, causing the solution to vibrate to generate bubbles and cause an inward explosion. Continuous inward explosive force, expelling the ink from the net cavity, with the cleaning fluid flowing away, the cleaning time is generally 15 to 45 minutes.

However, due to prolonged vibration, tiny cracks will be generated on the surface of the ceramic anilox roller, and the cracks will continue to accumulate, allowing high pH or crude chemicals to penetrate into the porous ceramic coating, which will gradually cause corrosion to the substrate, thereby affecting the anilox. The life of the roller, so when cleaning the anilox roller, especially the ceramic anilox roller, avoid too frequent.