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Advantages of differential air shaft

Advantages of differential air shaft

What's the differential air shaft?

Differential air shaft makes the slitter automatically unwind, humanized operation, slitting and winding accuracy, running speed, production efficiency can be greatly improved, sliding differential axis greatly improve the rate of authentic, reduce costs, expensive materials (metal foil, lithium battery diaphragm, lithium battery pole piece, photo paper, etc.) must be used; sliding differential axis makes slitting narrow roll material no longer difficult.

Differential slip air shaft allows multiple rolls on the same axis to be rewound or unwound simultaneously.

Suitable for a full range of slitting and converting production operations. Its universal design can be used for any core width and diameter.

Cores of different widths can be wound on the same shaft simultaneously. Core slip is a function of the air pressure applied by the preset regulator.


Manufactured to your specifications to fit your equipment, including cantilevered or custom designs.

1. The differential air shaft type: 

The ball type: used for paper roll

The key type: used for plastic roll

2. The Capability

1. Applicable to core materials. Paper, plastic

2. Suitable for paper cores with diameters of 3", 4", 6", 8" (metric sizes and special sizes can also be produced)

3. Speeds up to 1000 m/min

4. Depending on the desired length

3. Classification of Sliding Differential Shaft

Differential air shaft is generally divided into three major products, there are central air pressure sliding differential shaft, side pressure sliding differential shaft, mechanical sliding differential shaft.

In the early days, the mechanical sliding shaft was used more, but with the provision of user requirements, the mechanical sliding shaft has been unable to meet the needs of customers, so the current market less and less to see the mechanical sliding shaft, replaced by the center air pressure sliding shaft and side pressure sliding shaft, especially the center air pressure sliding shaft is more widely used.

At present, the center of the air pressure sliding shaft on the market mainly has a key type sliding shaft, ball sliding shaft, etc., their structure principle is the same, in the shaft core digging three slots, and then install the air bag wool felt, so that the installation of the sliding ring to assemble a sliding shaft.

4. The related products: friction rings

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