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 JCTPRINT provides flexo printing, offset printing anilox roller

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Wide application of JCTPRINT anilox 

    Wide web flexografia anilox roller Narrow web flexografia anilox roller
Corrugated anilox roller Coating anilox roller
Lamination anilox roller Paper, textile anilox rollers

Customized anilox roller

    Focus on personalized customization, and provide precise and high-quality manufacturing according to your drawing requirements and specifications. Or just provide the brand model you need.

    Models that match Markandy, Heidelberg, KBA, nilpeter, ManRoland, aesoma Gallus, Comexi, Bobst, Ecofa and other printing presses

    Better quality and better price than ApexHaperPamarcoPraxair,ect. Welcome to compare prices and place orders for testing.

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Get a quick quote and detailed solution based on your size

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Wide application of JCTPRINT anilox

Ceramic Anilox Roller

Anilox Roller Sleeves, Metal Anilox Roller




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The reason why JCTPRINT surpasses most anilox roller manufacturers

High-precision mesh

    Ceramic coating>0.25mm, porosity<0.016%. The British ALE engraving machine is adopted, and the engraving accuracy is 0.001mm. Engraving range: 60-1500LPI.

Base roller quality control

    High quality 45# seamless steel pipe, thickness 15-20mm.

Ceramic coating

    Swiss Oerlikon plasma spraying equipment, super strong stainless steel alloy bonding layer (NiCr) thickness 0.1mm, to ensure the uniformity of ceramic powder.

JCTPRINT ceramic coating

Whole process quality control

    The quality control system throughout the entire production process ensures that every anilox roll is qualified. Each client will receive a certificate of authentication.

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  Our mission is to deliver top-notch solutions and services for flexo printing companies worldwide.

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