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Carbon steel chromed mirror roller price
Carbon steel chromed mirror roller price Carbon steel chromed mirror roller price Carbon steel chromed mirror roller price Carbon steel chromed mirror roller price Carbon steel chromed mirror roller price

Carbon steel chromed mirror roller price

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Product Description


 Carbon steel chromed mirror roller price


Product Description

 1.The mirror roller refers to a smooth seamless steel pipe. It is mainly determined by the chrome coating on the surface.


2. Application of mirror roller:
1)Printing and dyeing industry: calendering of pure cotton, polyester cotton, silk fabrics, chemical fiber, hemp, woolen fabrics and their blends.
2)Leather industry: calendering of artificial leather, etc.
3)Plastic industry: PVC, ABA, PP, PT, PC and other plastics.
4)Paper industry: surface calendering of various papers.
5)Metallurgical industry: rolling processing of various non-ferrous metals.
1)Material:We adopt 45# seamless steel pipe, alloy steel, precision forgings or rolled round 45# steel pipe
a. Mirror rollers are generally made of 45# steel, alloy steel seamless tubes, precision forgings and other materials, and the surface finish of the roller can reach Ra0.01 (level 14);
b. The roller blank is made of professional imported alloy steel, and different flow channel structure forms are designed according to different material characteristics;
c. Mirror processing can be performed on the surface of various materials to ensure that the straightness, balance, non-roundness and coaxiality of the roller surface meet the requirements;

2)Sand blasting process: It can improve the fatigue resistance of the workpiece, increase the adhesion between it and the coating, extend the durability of the coating film, and also help the leveling and decoration of the coating, and remove impurities, variegation and oxide layer on the surface At the same time, the surface of the medium is roughened, the residual stress on the substrate surface and the effect of increasing the hardness of the substrate surface. The etching process is a chemical surface treatment method, which sometimes will affect the appearance of the finished product.
3)Quality:Usually chromium is critical for mirror roll products. Our surface requirements for mirror roller is usually determined by the thickness and hardness of the chromium layer.While these are determined by many years of experience in the surface processing of rollers. It is difficult for general customers to make a profit in this regard. According to the analysis, if the quality of the surface chromium layer is not hard enough, its surface will have a substantial impact on the production of sheet products such as PC, PP, PMMA, PET, etc., and this is an important factor that causes the durability of the roller.

4.Processing technology
1) Component welding:
Assemble the inner plate, shaft head, bushing, plugging plate, inner tube, etc. The inner tube is within 50g of static balance, the inner tube is drawn in the direction of rotation, and the flat steel flow channel is welded.


2) Equipped with vehicles, installed and welded:
Equipped with the inner tube of the car, the size and the interference of the outer tube are 0.4mm, the angle of the welding seam of the two plates is 15X30 degrees, the inner tube is polished, the slag is cleaned, and the size of the inner tube is matched with the inner diameter of the outer tube. After shrinking, the whole assembly welding.


3) Annealing, rough turning, quenching:
Annealing heat treatment, process quenching and tempering, multiple stress relief, rough turning margin, static balance, greater than 50g, need to calculate the amount of deviation, borrow the car on the lathe.
Quenching: The surface hardness requires HRC58°-60°, and the roller surface has no cracks.


4)Fine turning and rough grinding


5)Dynamic balance, electroplating, and fine grinding


 6)frosted, finely polished mirror surface



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