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How to clean anilox roller

How to clean anilox roller


How to clean anilox roller


The anilox roller transfers ink by means of a cell, and the cell is small, which is easily clogged by the solidified ink during use, thereby affecting the ink transfer effect. Therefore, an anilox roller with a good processing quality cannot print a good print without paying attention to cleaning. 


At present, the cleaning methods of the anilox roller mainly include manual cleaning, strong corrosion chemical cleaning, jet cleaning, and ultrasonic cleaning.



1. Manual cleaning

The cleaning agent is applied to the surface of the anilox roll, and the chrome-plated metal anilox roll is cleaned with a copper wire brush; the ceramic anilox roll must be cleaned with a wire brush.JCTPRINT

This type of cleaning method is convenient and does not cause pollution, but if it is not thoroughly cleaned, it will affect the ink transfer effect. Generally suitable for low-web anilox rolls or non-dirty anilox rolls.



2. Strong corrosion chemical cleaning

Corrosive cleaning agent (usually alkaline solution) is evenly applied on the surface of the anilox roller. If necessary, a layer of plastic product is wrapped on the surface of the anilox roller to prevent the liquid from evaporating. The anilox roller is ablated for 1 to 48 hours. After the cured ink is sufficiently softened, the anilox roller is cleaned by a manual cleaning method using water or an alcohol solution (not using an acidic solution such as acetic acid)JCTPRINT.

Such a cleaning method has a good cleaning effect, but has a certain corrosive effect on the anilox roller and causes environmental pollution.



3. Jet cleaning

The baking soda softening cleaning medium is sprayed onto the surface of the anilox roll, and the solidified ink is crushed to achieve the purpose of cleaning. JCTPRINT Baking soda is easy to dissolve, non-toxic, and its crystals are easily broken when it is in contact with other substances, and will not cause damage to the surface of the anilox roll and the wall of the ink. Therefore, this cleaning method has a good cleaning effect, and has promotion and Use value.



4. Ultrasonic cleaning

The anilox roller is immersed in an ultrasonic cleaning bath filled with a chemical cleaning solution. When cleaning, the anilox roller slowly rotates, and the frequency conversion device capable of transmitting high-frequency sound waves in the liquid pool starts to work, causing the solution to vibrate and generate bubbles, thereby causing an inward explosion. Continuous inward explosion force, the ink is ejected from the cell, and the cleaning time is generally 15 to 45 minutes JCTPRINT.

However, due to long-term vibration, tiny cracks will appear on the surface of the ceramic anilox roll, and cracks will accumulate, causing high pH or crude chemicals to penetrate into the porous ceramic coating, which will gradually corrode the substrate and affect the texture. The life of the roller, so when cleaning the anilox roller, especially the ceramic anilox roller, should not be too frequent.


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